Anglian Water Boat Etiquette for 2024


1. Life jackets to be worn before going onto the pontoon and to be worn at all times when in the boat.

2. Check Drogues and Nets before departing the harbour – changes to be requested via the on-duty ranger.  If a drogue is damaged, please report to the ranger not just put in another boat.

3. Please familiarise yourself with any ‘out of bounds’ areas before leaving the harbour, e.g. when swimming is on or water sports are operational.


4. Please be considerate to other boat anglers drifts, casting direction and do not motor too close to other boats.

5. Do not tie knots in the drogue or anchor ropes at any time..

6. Drogue must be brought back into the boat when moving between drifts

7. Remain seated whilst under power and ensure the red kill cord is attached.

8. When boat fishing alone please ensure you fasten the red kill cord to yourself as this will cut out the engine should you unintentionally fall or disembark the boat

9. No fishing whilst the boat is under power.

10. Do not fish standing up in the boat, only stand if you need to when netting a fish.

11. Keep a sensible distance from the dam wall. Consider the length of time it may take to start your engine and the conditions.  In a strong wind you will need to keep further away from the dam wall.

12. Keep 15 metres from reservoir towers.

13. No anchoring around the boils.

14. Landing of boats anywhere other than the pontoon is prohibited other than in an emergency.

15. During rough weather keep engine revs low and speed down.

16. In rough waters do not anchor side on to the waves.  If you need to anchor, use the bow attachment to secure the anchor.

17. Do not anchor close to buoys to ensure you avoid the buoy fixing ropes.  No attaching boats to buoys.

18. Do not fish during a thunderstorm and if there is lightening immediately return to the harbour.

19. All boats must have a phone, switched on, and if necessary, the lodge will call you and advise you to come in. If so, seek the shelter of the nearest shoreline to make your way slowly to the harbour.

20. Always wear appropriate headgear and glasses/sunglasses (eye protection) and when appropriate suncream.   In the summer months ensure there is drinking liquid on the boat.

21. Remember that it’s your responsibility to avoid sailing boats and wind surfers when you are under power. You have the power so the responsibility for manoeuvring to ensure you do not crash.

22. Always keep 50m from bank anglers.  Remember bank anglers have priority of the bank so should one arrive and want to fish a particular location and you are in a boat close to the shore then you will need to move.


23. On returning to the harbour always look to see if there is a ranger directing you to a particular side of the pontoon.

24. Ensure you are back in the harbour by the agreed time at the end of the day.

25. Water to be bailed from the boat before you leave it and bailer returned to the rear seat.

26. Drogue should be folded, and ropes wound around to ensure its left tidy. Drogues should be left on the central seat next to the oars. Report any damage to the duty warden or text 07801 674683 with the boat number.

27. Nets and oars to be stored down the right-hand side of the boat before leaving it.

28. If the Anchor has been used, please ensure its left clean and free from mud and weed. The Anchor should be stored under the seat where the drogue is.

29. All rubbish to be removed from the boats and placed in the bin at the end of the jetty.

30. Rowlocks to be left face down in the appropriate place on the gunwale and the bailers should be left on the rear seat by the engine.

31. Report any engine issues to the duty warden or text 07801 674683 with the boat number.

32. Life Jackets should be returned and posted through the slot in the hut at the end of the pontoon.

33. Please complete your catch returns within 24 hours – thank you 😊

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